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Welcome to Martin Plumbing & Drains in Dallas TX

Professional Plumber in Dallas Texas

Drain Cleaning
Just in case you have a clogged shower drain and you have a pool of water in your shower, call us. Sometimes you have a slow drain and can’t get your waste water to flow out of your shower or sinks. If you have this problem, can help you.
Water Leak
Even a small leak in your home can add up to a lot of water lost and contribute to huge water bills down the load. If your water heater leaking is the issue, Dallas Plumbing Repair can help you stop the leak so that you can save money in lower water bills.
Water Heater
Your water heater wears out with time and could start leaking at any time if it hasn’t already. If you have a tank heater, you may also start hearing knocking sounds whenever hot water is being used.

Sewer Repair
Dallas Plumbing Repair can take care of your sewer issues quickly if you have a problem with this system. We have extensive experience in addressing all problem areas and make the needed repairs or new installations quickly and efficiently.
Toilet Repair
Dallas Plumbing Repair can stop a leaking toilet from losing water easily. If you keep hearing your toilet running, you should call us before you incur a huge water bill. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready and equipped to help you.
Garbage Disposal
Do you happen to have a clogged garbage disposal that is leaking under your sink and causing the whole kitchen to stink? If you have this problem, it needs to be corrected fast because it can cause a major damage to the boards under the sink.